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The "ALEXAN REALTY" real estate agency has set itself the task of providing its clients with high quality services in the areas of real estate buying, selling and renting. To accomplish this, the organization's staff includes skilled professionals from different professions - real estate agents, appraisers, architects, lawyers, who will help you to correctly orient in real estate pricing, quality and transaction legitimacy by clearly assessing client requirements and market offerings. Taking into consideration the factor of the Armenian Diaspora and the need to serve tourists, our staff includes Russian, English and Arabic language staff. Our motto is: Homeland, solid roof In the short period of our activity we have been able to set a high standard, to be recognized in the real estate market, as a result of which we have been awarded a diploma
International Association of Lawyers and Psychologists by a Non-governmental organization
Our address: Vagarshyan 21
You can contact us at the following phone numbers:
094-94-94-66, 095-94-94-66, 096-94-94-66,
010-22-94-66 or by sending an email to alexanrealty2015@gmail.com